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Lenten Reflection 6- Holy Week

“During the days on which we are about to enter and indeed, amid which we already are, holy Church draws our attention to the marks of love that Our Lord has given to us. In considering them, it is impossible to remain cold and indifferent,, to abide in egoism and not to feel pressed by […]

By Him, With Him and in Him! April Reflections from Guard of Honor

By Him, with Him and in Him! Jesus offers us a pleasant home in his Sacred Heart, He invites us to live His life by deifying all our acts and accomplishing them by Him, with Him and in Him! Souls wishing to glorify their Creator wish to make love for love. And we, the inhabitants […]

Lenten Reflection 4- True Love

We continue the excerpts from the Lenten reflections of Mother Philomene du Gasset of the Visitation Monastery of Nantes, France. ” We are entering the days which appeal to us to become absorbed in the sufferings of Our Lord. His Love is a love that cannot be measured. In Heaven alone we will be able […]