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Sister Francoise Therese Martin , Visitandine

The third of five daughters of St. Louis Martin was born June 3, 1863 in Alençon. Leonie a fragile child,  will disrupt the family by her fierce rebelliousness. From her youth Leonie said later: “My childhood was detestable, well calculated to disfigure our beautiful and holy family.  God has been merciful to me! “Mrs. Martin […]

New website for Leonie Martin

Our Visitation Monastery of Caen, France has established a new website for Leonie Martin as her process of beatification continues. http://www.leonie-martin.fr/

May 2016 Mystic of Month: Mother Anne-Seraphine Boulier

Imagine, for a moment, if St. Margaret Mary, who received the revelations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as a novice, had not been permitted to go on to make her Vows of Profession. How would God’s plan of showing His Love for us then developed? Blessedly, merely a pondering now, for St. Margaret Mary’s […]