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Sister Angelique Garnier, VHM,Mystic of the Child Jesus

This month we continue with our series about the Mystics of Visitation Monastery of Nantes, France. Sister Angelique Claude Garnier is symbolized by the violet. She entered the Visitation Monastery at the age of 17, in 1654. Her vocation was rooted in spiritual and physical trials. During her retreat before Profession, the Child Jesus came […]

The Crucifix Leonie Martin Kissed

As the Church begins its process toward Visitation Sister Francoise Therese’s (Leonie Martin) beatification, many aspects of her life and devotion begin to be known. In addition, the deep relationship of the Carmelite and Visitation Orders in this Martin family can be highlighted, and the Visitandine influence upon the Martin sisters seen. A French website […]

Mystics, Mothers and Nuns from Visitation Monastery, Nantes France

Our Visitation Monastery in Nantes France, in its new website, has chosen to honor its Sisters by identifying each one’s spirit with a particular flower as her life story is revealed. The original is in French: here we will translate or paraphrase her life story in this new series over the next few months. In […]