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Lenten Reflection 6- Holy Week

“During the days on which we are about to enter and indeed, amid which we already are, holy Church draws our attention to the marks of love that Our Lord has given to us. In considering them, it is impossible to remain cold and indifferent,, to abide in egoism and not to feel pressed by […]

Historically Important Visitandine Memories in March

March 5 1604: Saint Francis de Sales preaches Lent in Dijon and meets the Baroness de Chantal. It is the starting point for one of the most beautiful spiritual friendships in the history of the Church. He can say: “The Visitation is the fruit of the journey of Dijon.” March 13, 1863: Sister Mary of […]

Lenten Reflections of a Visitandine-The Seal of Humility

We began our reflection on Ash Wednesday with the thoughts of Mother Marie-Philomene du Gasset and this week we continue with her second talk. THE SPIRIT OF PENANCE AND HUMILITY The Church, at the beginning of this holy season, points out the dispositions we should have so that the penance and mortification of Lent should […]