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Meet Tyringham’s Novices on Video

Here they are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6klQlpG1Zc&list=UU-fcLzLFFaZVzCtEtmbraWg&index=1

New Video Shows the Splendor of Our Visitation Museum in France

A new five-minute video shows the exquisite beauty of some of the thousands of items on display at the Visitation Museum in Moulins France. Accompanying the close-ups of vestments, chalices, statuary and other finery is a text commentary and a Vivaldi concerto.  Click above and enjoy these religious artifacts and the heavenly realities that they […]

Video of the Brooklyn Visitation Monastery

We were just surprised with discovering this video from a friend, highlighting the Brooklyn Visitation Monastery. View it here:  (6 minutes)