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Saintly Visitandines

Important Visitation Dates for October

October 7, 1875: birth in Heaven of the Venerable Mother Marie de Sales Chappuis 16 October 1690: Feast of Saint Margaret Mary. On this day the indulgence is granted to the usual conditions to the members of the Guard of Honor October 17, 1690: Birth in Heaven of Saint Margaret Mary. October 17, 1713: Sister […]

Holding our hearts high

There are hours when life would not be supportable, or the soul would suffocate under the pressure of pain, if it could not rise higher, take refuge in the upper regions or reign with a  peace that nothing could disturb . With the aid of this high heart, let us never be discouraged, let us […]

American Servant of God was a Visitandine in Georgetown & Carmelite in Spain

Juana Adelaida O’Sullivan and Rouley was born in New York, United States, on October 8, 1817 to a Catholic father and Anglican mother, being baptized in the Anglican Church. At a young age  the girl decided to become a Catholic. At the death of her father, both her brother and her mother wanted her to […]