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Salesian Spirituality

Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

Everything attracts us, captivates us, leads us to the perishable world! We have the care and tenderness for everything that strikes our senses and attracts our affections … but we often forget the one who is Love, our Lord Jesus present at the tabernacle! We feel in no hurry to come to his feet, listen […]

Visitandines who were Princesses

This recently published book tells the true story of the Visitation Order in Monaco and shares the life histories of some of the princesses who actually became Visitandine Nuns, and those who simply spent time in the Monastery. Prince Louis I, who succeeded his grandfather Prince Honoré II  was appointed in 1662. In 1663, he […]

Salesian Week Talks

Accueil › La Semaine Salésienne › Semaine Salésienne 2017 Semaine Salésienne 2017 Écouter les homélies et les conférences de la Semaine Salésienne 2017 en cliquant ci-dessous… Homélie de Mgr E. Gobillard Mgr Emanuel Gobillard est évêque auxiliaire de Lyon. En savoir plus François de Sales, directeur spirituel Conférence du Père Emmanuel Blanc, psfs En savoir […]