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Chatting about: God’s Eternal Love

Last week’s topic was very similar to this, but now we are thinking of God’s love for us apart from how it is expressed in the sacrifice of the cross. What does it mean when Saint Francis says, “He always loved you from eternity”? How does God love someone who doesn’t exist yet? What should […]

First World Day of the Poor

Pope Francis is inaugurating World Day of the Poor this upcoming Sunday, November 19, 2017 to re-enforce that concern for the poor is an essential part of our Catholic faith. Our Founder St Francis de Sales, also had great concern for the poor and less privileged. In order to prepare for this day, here are […]

God’s Eternal Love

His Divine Majesty designed your existence and loved you We are continuing our way through An Introduction to the Devout Life with Part V, Chapter 14, “The Eternal Love of God for Us.” Quite simply Saint Francis wants us to try to grasp exactly how much love God has for us. The Eternal Love of […]