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Salesian Spirituality

Advent with St. Jane- Day 9

“Our Lord was taken for a child like others; from all powerful He appears all powerless; from all great, all little. All gentle and kind, He allowed Himself to be guided like a little lamb; from all rich with the eternal riches of the Father of lights, of Whom He is by nature the Eternal […]

Advent with St. Jane-Day 8

” The Son of God, to show us an example, came to humble Himself with an abjection the most admirable which not only can be, but can even be thought of; for you see the God of all Majesty, as it were forgetting and annihilating this supreme and adorable greatness, came to make Himself a […]

Advent with St. Jane- Day 7

“I entreat you to let our chief care be to purify our souls, in order to make them capable of receiving the fruits of this holy nativity. Empty your hearts  of every other desire but that of receiving in them this Divine Infant, Who, when He finds them thus disposed, will assuredly be born there, […]