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Salesian Spirituality

Preparing for the New Year with St. Francis de Sales

December 30: “So this year has disappeared into the abyss where all the others have gone. How desirable is eternity when we consider these fleeting changes! Let the time pass by, little by little, run with it to be transformed into the glory of the children of God!” (letters 563)

New Year’s Eve chat on What is Love

Merry Christmas! Now that we are into the Christmas season, we can continue our chats like normal. We are moving the section of “What is Love?” from Saint Francis’ Treatise on the Love of God. Be sure to watch the video here, “What Is Love” to help deepen your reflection and give you a new […]

Remain in His Love

What more wonderful wish can anyone wish for than that of remaining in the Love of God? There is no better place to rest, recharge,  draw all that is necessary and indispensable to our lives. God provides everything, in everything! It is therefore naturally this wish that we formulate for you, your families, your loved […]