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St. Francis de Sales

The Word of God & Spiritual Reading

The Spiritual Directory of St. Francis de Sales Be attentive to the Word of God, in whatever form it comes to you. Hear it always in openness and reverence, remembering that Jesus is present in His Word. Read a little every day from Scripture and from a good book treating of the spiritual life or […]

Atmosphere of Spiritual Retreat

Spiritual Directory of St. Francis de Sales It is here that I wish you very earnestly to follow my counsel, for in this exercise of spiritual retreat, short prayers, Scripture phrases, speaking to Christ throughout the day, lies one of the surest means of your spiritual advancement and the great work of devotion. Without it […]

Spiritual Directory on Prayer

Begin each prayer, the silent as well as the vocal, by being aware of the presence of God. Keep to this without exception. In all petitions and prayers, the “we” carries weight, as the Lord taught us in the Our Father. In it, on “I” or “for me” is found. Before all else, the prayer […]