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St. Francis de Sales

Letters to Laity

V+J St Francis de Sales was a paragon of availability and advice to lay men and women, whether single, married, widowed or discerning the religious life. Long before Vatican 11 reminded the Church that all people are called to holiness, St. Francis de Sales was working directly with laity to guide laypersons, often individually, to […]

Preparing for Profession?

Simple or Solemn Professions and the vowed commitment to the evangelical counsels is a consecration of a religious person’s whole being to God and a momentous and deeply sacred event.  Those professing vows will be receiving many notes of support from the community,  friends and families.  St. Francis de Sales would also congratulate you, as […]

Counsels to Candidates

ATTENTION: ALL THOSE PREPARING TO ENTER RELIGIOUS LIFE! Amidst your joy of preparation, are you struggling, perhaps with family, friends, or the renunciation of lifelong treasures or books? Do your own emotions get the better of you in the process? What if a Doctor of the Church, a Saint, were to come to you with […]