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St. Francis de Sales

Ecstasy and rapture are what St. Paul brings us to, says St. Francis de Sales

January 25th is the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. We offer here some thoughts of St. Francis de Sales on this great Apostle, from the Treatise on the Love of God (Book VII, chap. VIII) St. Paul’s Wonderful Exhortation to an Ecstatic and Superhuman Life In my judgment St. Paul has made the […]

Meditation for the Feast of St. Francis de Sales

Live+Jesus From  St Francis’s Treatise on the Love of God, Book 2, Chapter 16 “How Love Is Practiced in Hope” let’s consider some of his statements in the light of our lives. I trust that your hearts will be uplifted ! “By the sacred promises God’s goodness has made us, our hearts become and remain […]

Companion to A Visionary

Companion to a Visionary: When the archbishop of Lyons invited the Visitation sisters into his diocese in 1615, he stipulated that they change their way of life. Instead of visiting the sick, he wanted them cloistered—out of contact with the outside world. Jane objected to Francis. “I beg of you . . . to write […]