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St. Francis de Sales

Chatting about: Union with God on earth and heaven

Why will perfect union be realized only in heaven? What factors will bring about the perfect union? What can we do here on earth to augment our happiness in heaven? Is there a difference between our union with truth here on earth and our union with the Truth in heaven? Feb 14, 11:28 AM Sister […]

Union with God

Our ultimate union with God will be in heaven This week we are moving into book three (“Of The Progress And Perfection Of Love.”) from Saint Francis’ Treatise on the Love of God. Be sure to watch the video “Union with God in Heaven” to help deepen your reflection and give you a new way […]

Chatting about: Seeking the Kingdom

1.What do you think of the paradox that God wants us to desire him, and yet we need God to infuse us with that desire?2.Why is it that we should grow in charity and holiness? Why is not enough to just “ “accept Jesus”? 3.God wants us to “seek first the Kingdom.“ How might this […]