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St. Francis de Sales

St. Francis de Sales and Purgatory

CONSOLING THOUGHTS ON PURGATORY CAME FROM SAINT WHO SAW BEYOND SUFFERING By Susan Tassone The opinion of St. Francis De Sales was that the thought of purgatory should cause not so much pain as consolation. Those who fear purgatory do so in consideration of their own interests and self-love, he said, rather than in the […]

Oct 22 Chat

Oct 22, 7:22 PM Judy (Guest): Hi Everyone! Happy Feast of Pope St. John Paul II! I cannot but recall the intensity on his face when he was praying. Holiness seemed to exude from him, even as it from St. Teresa of Calcutta. Oct 22, 7:27 PM Judy (Guest): Brian, where had you been living […]

Chatting about Virtue Oct 29 Chat

SrSusan (Guest): Virtue and vice tonight let us stick with virtue Oct 29, 7:28 PM SrSusan (Guest): I always refer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus when we think of virtue because all virtue flows from His Heart Oct 29, 7:29 PM Guest8278 (Guest): Amen Sister Susan ! Oct 29, 7:29 PM Carol Ann: Hi […]