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St. Francis de Sales


Charity is the love reserved for God Happy New Year! If there is any resolution worth making, it would be deepening our love of God. This week we are moving into the section of from Saint Francis’ Treatise on the Love of God about what it means to love God. Be sure to watch the […]

Chatting about: What is Love

Sister Susan Marie (Moderator): New Years Eve Chat 730pm est Dec 29, 9:33 AM Sister Susan Marie (Moderator): For St. Francis de Sales, love is a decision, an act of the will: How might this be different from contemporary society’s understanding of love? What are some implications for our spiritual life? How might this impact […]

Blessed New Year from St Francis de Sales

“We must begin the year with Christ and His most holy Mother. O Jesus fill our hearts with your Divine Name, so that your gentle kindness may influence all our senses and perfume all our actions.  O glorious name which the mouth of the Divine Father pronounced from all eternity, be ever written in our […]