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St. Jane de Chantal

Advent with St. Jane- Week 2

Advent with St. Jane-Day 8and 9   ” The Son of God, to show us an example, came to humble Himself with an abjection the most admirable which not only can be, but can even be thought of; for you see the God of all Majesty, as it were forgetting and annihilating this supreme and […]

Advent with Visitandine Foundress St Jane

Live+Jesus “I wish that we should be much taken up, this Advent, with thanking our Lord for His admirable Incarnation and coming into this world. Let us not be ungrateful for this. Behold, it is the Lord who comes to extend over us the greatness of His mercies. Let us give Him our love; let […]

First World Day of the Poor

Pope Francis is inaugurating World Day of the Poor this upcoming Sunday, November 19, 2017 to re-enforce that concern for the poor is an essential part of our Catholic faith. Our Founder St Francis de Sales, also had great concern for the poor and less privileged. In order to prepare for this day, here are […]