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St. Jane de Chantal

What Happens When the Bubble Bursts?

Most candidates enter a religious community with great enthusiasm, hopes, high ideals and strong expectations. Formators know that they need to be alert to the moments when the “bubble” begins to leak, or burst. That’s when the new member’s real inner work begins. St. Jane de Chantal advised her Novice Directresses about the challenges that […]

St. Jane Speaks to Formators

One of the most precious gifts of the early stages of your religious life in a congregation is the wisdom and guidance of the Formation or Novice Directress or Director. A mutual spiritual bond is formed from their guidance of your soul and life in community that is deep and lasting. In the Visitation Order, […]

Formation: Not a Mass-Production Factory!

From the Series, “Formation Q&A of St. Jane” St. Jane de Chantal was a wise Foundress who understood the delicate process of spiritual development throughout the novitiate years. Often the Novice Directress asked her guidance as she sought to be faithful to her important monastic ministry of instilling the Visitandine way of life into her […]