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St. Jane de Chantal

Joy-Filled Devotion

While devotion to God was always Jane’s and Francis’ primary goal, they also recognized the necessity of working in the real world with real and fallible people. Therefore, they continually advised that devotion to God should look pleasant and appealing to others. They had little patience with a harsh asceticism that only served to put […]

Making Holiness Attractive

When first married, Jane arranged for Mass to be said before the hunt, her husband’s favorite pastime. She had daily Mass offered at Bourbilly which she attended regularly and encouraged her servants to attend. When living with her father-in-law, she rose very early in the morning and rode horseback to Mass. She then managed to […]

Resting in God’s Providence

Jane’s combination of humanness and holiness can help us strengthen our souls and grow in spirituality. The more we learn and read about her the more inspired we will be by her teachings. Jane’s desire to dedicate her life completely to God as well as the fact that she did this. while raising a family […]