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St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

The Visitation Order to be Featured on EWTN through ART on Thursday May 4

Our dear friend Anne Goetze, who has displayed her Visitation Monastery artwork around the country, will be the guest speaker on EWTN’s At Home with Jim and Joy program this week. Anne Goetze joins Jim and Joy to discuss her short film and traveling exhibit on the Visitation Order of nuns. Hosted by Jim and […]

Important Dates for Visitandines in May

┬áMay 13, 1920: Canonization of St. Margaret Mary by Pius XI May 13, 1933: Birth in Heaven of the Venerable Sister Marguerite-Marie Bogner at the Visitation of Erd. 1st Visitandine of Hungary 15 May 1956: Pope Pius XII publishes Hauriteis Aquas on the Sacred Heart 31 May 1992: Canonization of Saint Claude la Colombiere by […]

St. Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart- Part 2

On July 2, 1688, St. Margaret Mary had a grand vision. The Virgin appeared to her near the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Francis de Sales, Father Claude de La Colombiere and the Daughters of the Visitation who surrounded His throne. Mary said, pointing to the Heart of Jesus: “This is a divine treasure that […]