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January 2017 Reflections for Guard of Honor

Dear friends, Guards of Honor and dear faithful readers, Holy Year to each and all your families! As with every new year, we extend our best wishes to our loved ones and to all those we meet … But dare we say to them: “This year put all your trust in God, for without Him […]

Blessed New Year from St. Francis de Sales

My dearest daughter, I had to write the first letter of this year to Our Lord and Our Lady, and here is the second in which, O my daughter, I will wish you a good year and that we dedicate our heart to divine goodness. May we we live this year, and use it  as the basis for eternal years!  This […]

December Dates Significant to the Visitation Sisters

December 8, 1602: Episcopal ordination of St. Francis de Sales in the church of his baptism in Thorens December 13, 1641: death of St. Jeanne de Chantal at the Visitation de Moulins 17 December 1887: birth of the servant of God Mother Maria Angélica Alvarez Icaza in Mexico City December 18, 1593: priestly ordination of […]