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Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Visitation

Our Visitation family has much to ponder in these thoughts of Archbishop Lori, spoken in 2009 at a Marian conference. He compared the tremendous  apparition in Mexico of Our Lady of Guadalupe  to Our Lady’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth in stirring words. “Bishop Lori began by recalling the Visitation saying that “from the very […]

Important Visitandine Dates in December

December 8, 1602: Episcopal ordination of St. Francis de Sales in the church of his baptism in Torens December 13, 1641: Death of St. Jane de Chantal at the Visitation of Moulins. December 17, 1887: Birth of the Visitandine servant of God Mother Maria-Angelica Alvarez Icaza in Mexico City December 18, 1593: Priestly ordination of […]

Meet Artist Anne Goetze on Dec. 10 and Visit “Pray to Love” Exhibit about the Visitation Sisters