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In October, 2011 the unique Museum of the Order of the Visitation, located in Moulins, France, celebrates its 20th anniversary! And its Founder and Curator, Monsieur Gerard Picaud, will be honored by being enrolled as an Officer in the national French Order of Arts and Letters. The press release from France tells the story of […]

Golden Jubilee of Sr. Katherine

Sr. Katherine of Minneapolis celebrated her Golden Jubilee on August 27th. Watch the sacred events: http://www.visitationmonasteryminneapolis.org/2011/08/jubilee-notes-on-sr-katherines-50th-anniversary-mass/

New Video Tells of the Life of Foundress Jane de Chantal

The life of St. Jane Francis de Chantal was marked with much suffering — in her marriage and among those around her. But, along with St. Francis de Sales, she found the courage to start a congregation of women seeking a deep relationship with God. The new video, “Longsuffering Leader: the Life of St. Jane de […]