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Visitation Saints

Feast of St. Jane de Chantal August 12

Saint Jane Frances, who, persuaded that true devotion can not be without perseverance, you accepted  the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom you chose as your mother from a tender age, keeping firm and constant under the protection of the Blessed Virgin, until the last breath of your life. I beg you, that by […]

For Jesus, In Jesus, With Jesus

Jesus Christ, after having offered us an abode in his Heart, invites us today to live from His life, that is, to divinize all our actions, doing them for Him, with Him and in Him.The souls who wish to glorify their Creator and return love to Him for love, feel sorry for seeing their impotence. […]

Preparing for St. Jane de Chantal’s Feast Day

The Feast of the Foundress of the Visitation of Holy Mary, St. Jane Frances de Chantal, falls on Saturday August 12th, a week from today. Prayer is a perfect way to prepare to honor this Saint. Day 1: Omnipotent and merciful God,you gave St. Jane  an admirable and  strong spirit, to walk in perfection through […]