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Ash Wednesday- The Ornament of Humility

This Lent we are sharing a treasure for meditation- rare conferences not easily found in English, by a Visitandine Superior, Mother Marie-Philomène Maujoüan du Gasset, of Nantes France, (1818-1896) whom we wrote about as a mystic in a previous post. http://visitationspirit.org/2015/06/mystic-mother-marie-philomena-of-nantes/ In this first meditation,Mother Marie Philomene addresses humility as a key characteristic for our […]

Feb Dates Important to Visitandines

February 2: Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, day of prayer for Religious of apostolic life. 2 February 1641: birth of Saint Claude La Colombière near Lyon. February 15, 1682: death of Saint Claude La Colombiere. 15 February 1730: death of the Venerable Anne-Madeleine Rémuzat of the Visitation of Marseille. February 27, 1884: Blessed Marie […]

More on the Cause of Leonie Martin

http://www.leveildelisieux.fr/2017/01/25/apres-sa-soeur-et-ses-parents-leonie-martin-sur-la-voie-de-la-canonisation/http://www.leveildelisieux.fr/2017/01/25/apres-sa-soeur-et-ses-parents-leonie-martin-sur-la-voie-de-la-canonisation/ Thérèse Martin and her parents, Louis and Zélie, canonized, ” is already exceptional,” confers Bishop Jean-Claude Boulanger, bishop of the diocese of Bayeux-Lisieux. But a fourth member of the Martin family has already taken the long road that leads to canonization. The trial of the cause of beatification of Léonie Martin was opened on […]