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Visitation Saints

Important Visitandine Dates in December

December 8, 1602: Episcopal ordination of St. Francis de Sales in the church of his baptism in Torens December 13, 1641: Death of St. Jane de Chantal at the Visitation of Moulins. December 17, 1887: Birth of the Visitandine servant of God Mother Maria-Angelica Alvarez Icaza in Mexico City December 18, 1593: Priestly ordination of […]

Correspondence to Grace- Guard of Honor Reflection for Advent

We have come to the end of the liturgical year and are in the last weeks of this year! All our projects or wishes formulated at the dawn of 2017 may not always have materialized according to our desires and this leaves us with a bitter taste or even some real disappointments. Or, on the […]

Important Visitandine Days in November

  November 1, 1720: Monseigneur de Belsunce consecrates the city and the diocese of Marseille to the Sacred Heart November 6, 1672: Religious profession of St. Margaret Mary   November 18-23, 1936: martyrdom of our blessed Sisters of Madrid shot in hatred of the faith, the Church unites them in the same memory on November […]