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Visitation Saints

Visitandine Martyr Sister Maria Ines

Born in Echávarri (Navarra ), on January 28, 1900 she was baptized the following day and given the name Agnes. (Ines)Her parents  Frances Valentine Zudaire Galdeano , offered a Christian home imbued with the presence of God. The Lord blessed them with 6 children Agnes , with the enthusiasm of her 19 years went to […]

Visitandine Martyr Blessed Teresa Maria

She was born on July 30, 1888 in Puerto Real ( Cádiz) , but lived in the capital of Spain for most of her life. Her father Juan Antonio Cavestany , was a great writer and great poet . Her mother , Margarita Anduaga was a model of a  strong woman The Lord blessed her […]

Visitandine Martyr Blessed Maria Josefa

She saw the light of day in El Ferrol ( La Coruña) on May 23, 1881 , the eldest of five siblings. She was  graceful , kind, calm , always smiling . Her father Emilio Barrera, commander of the Navy, met her  every whim. But her mother, Maria Izaguirre , combined the strength and affection […]