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Caen, France Visitation Monastery’s new Chapel for Leonie Martin

Beatification of Leonie Martin. The chapel as new in Caen The chapel of the Visitation monastery has been completely renovated. Pascal SIMON (Paraphrased in English by blogger) St. Therese of Lisieux sister, Leonie Martin, from the Caen  Monastery of the Visitation, whose beatification began will have a  restored chapel which should reopen by the end […]

St. Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart- Part 2

On July 2, 1688, St. Margaret Mary had a grand vision. The Virgin appeared to her near the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Francis de Sales, Father Claude de La Colombiere and the Daughters of the Visitation who surrounded His throne. Mary said, pointing to the Heart of Jesus: “This is a divine treasure that […]

St. Vincent de Paul and St. Jane de Chantal

Although few letters are extant from St. Vincent de Paul to St. Jane de Chantal, he was her spiritual director after St. Francis de Sales entered eternity. The following letter shows the confidence St. Vincent placed in St. Jane as he shared much about his new congregation. St. Vincent de Paul remains very honored in […]