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Visitation Saints

St. Jane & St. Francis Found the Visitation Order

Foundress of a New Order:  Once Jane’s children were more settled, Francis outlined his vision for a new type of religious community. Requiring only a simple vow of celibacy, it would accommodate women who wanted to join together in loving God and neighbor, but who couldn’t meet the demanding requirements of existing religious orders. The […]

St. Jane Was Deeply Moved Upon Meeting St. Francis de Sales

This is part of a series of articles on the lives of Visitation saints and holy persons. Look at the “Recent Activity” in the column to the right for other articles. Then, in March 1604, Jane’s father invited her to hear Francis de Sales preach. This young Catholic bishop governed his see from Annecy in […]

Feast of St. Francis de Sales — Prepare for it by Knowing St. Jane

One way to prepare for the Feast of St. Francis de Sales on Tuesday, January 24th is by getting to know his spiritual friend, St. Jane de Chantal, a little better, for a person is known by his friends. (Credit goes to Sr. Christine of the St. Louis Visitation Monastery for the following series on […]