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Faith and Charity

St. Francis de Sales astutely describes the difference between what he terms a dead or dying faith, and a living one. The difference is simply charity- Love- and how we reach out to others. He says, ” Faith is the basis and foundation of all the other virtues, but especially of hope and of charity. […]

Year of Faith: What about Doubts?

St Francis de Sales had a profound understanding of human nature but also a thorough familiarity with Scripture and the Fathers of the Church, enabling him to place the growth of faith within these complementary aspects of our spiritual lives. While acclaiming the beauty of faith he also knew people need to grow in it, […]

Year of Faith & St Francis: JOY IN FAITH

Joy of Faith As we continue to explore St.  Francis de Sales’ understanding of faith as he expressed it in his Treatise on the Love of God, keep in mind that this saint possessed a  general spiritual disposition of optimism, which will be reflected in the following excerpts from Book 3, Chapter 9. Joy , […]