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New Video Tells of the Life of Foundress Jane de Chantal

The life of St. Jane Francis de Chantal was marked with much suffering — in her marriage and among those around her. But, along with St. Francis de Sales, she found the courage to start a congregation of women seeking a deep relationship with God. The new video, “Longsuffering Leader: the Life of St. Jane de […]

Full Video Script of Life of Jane de Chantal

Following is the full text of the nearly-four-minute video, “Longsuffering Leader: the Life of St. Jane de Chantal,” which is being widely viewed on Gloria.TV. Jane Frances Frémyot de Chantal was born in 1572 in Dijon, France, the second child of a noble family. Her mother died when she was eighteen months old and she was […]

Salesian Spirituality Meant for Ordinary Walks of Life

Ever heard the phrase, “Grow where you’re planted?” How about, “The only time you have is each present moment,” or “Keep things in perspective”? These phrases, along with many others, comes from the writings of St. Francis de Sales, a bishop and doctor of the Church who lived in the 1600’s in France. St. Francis […]