Discernment Program Survey

Take This Short Survey To See If You Share Our Vision

The Order of the Visitation is comprised of contemplative communities founded by St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal and grounded in the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Sisters of the Visitation strive to “Live Jesus” in a spirit of gentleness and humility within our cloistered communities, in prayer and in service.

We ask that you take this short survey to see if you share our vision.

1. Type of community:

I am interested in pioneering a new community of the Visitation Order in the United States.
I would like to explore a vocation within an established Visitation community.
I would find it interesting to be in an 'oasis community' within an established Monastery.

2. Type of vocation
I am drawn to cloistered contemplative life.
I would like to pray and serve in a ministry.
I am drawn to prayer and teaching.

3. What is your age?
16 - 25
26 - 45

4. Discernment group
I would be willing to be part of a discernment group praying and forming a new Visitation community in the United States.
I am not interested in discerning a new community in the United States.

5. I currently live in the:

6. Meet with Federation President
I would be willing to meet with the Federation President of the Visitation about discerning a new community.
I am not interested in meeting with the Federation President.

7. Type of discernment
I would enjoy discerning with my peers
I would prefer a private discernment

8. I would like to meet the current Visitation Sisters in -
The Second Federation Monasteries:
Georgetown, Washington DC
St. Louis, MO
Mendota, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The First Federation Monasteries:
Tyringham, MA
Toledo, OH
Philadelphia, PA
Rockville, VA
Mobile, AL
Snellville, GA

9. Any comments?