Stories of Grace and Miracles

We Chat Room Participants are beginning this new series about moments and situations of profound grace in our lives or of those we know, and even of miracles!

Our opening reflection is on the virtuous life of Sr. Margaret Mary Nugent (1906-2004) who entered the Visitation Monastery in Brooklyn and taught in Visitation Academy for many years.

Sister became very debilitated in her later life, and besides needing a wheelchair, had difficulty in keeping her frame upright.

When she died, the funeral home could not straighten her out. But the following morning it was discovered that through the power of God’s grace, her body was completely straight!

Story 2:

1996, my car was stolen from under by bedroom window two weeks to the day that my mom went home to the Lord. I was in the middle of radiation treatments for cancer. In prayer I asked why He had allowed this happen with all the other stuff that was going on. I heard in my heart, “To save your life.” I was totally exhausted and my concentration was not in top form.

 I could have killed someone because of my state. I immediately thanked Him for His action in my life and the loss of the car.

Story 3:

 One day this winter, I was home alone with my two toddlers.  As usual, it was a quiet day-all the neighbors were at work.  But I could not go anywhere with the children because of the snow, not even to the park.


I suddenly realized I could not find my phone.  The children helped me search everywhere, but none of us could find it.  My concern grew as I knew that if anything happened to one if us there would be no way to call for help.  And with two toddlers, anything can happen!


Then I had an idea.  The children and I should pray.  I took them into the bedroom and we all sat on the floor.  I explained to them that we were going to say a new kind of prayer, different from the prayer we say at lunchtime. I told them I will say the prayer  and you can pray with me.


Father, please hear our prayer.  We have no phone to call for help if we need it and we are here alone.  Please help us, protect us, and send our Holy Angels to watch over and guide us.  Thank you for hearing our prayer.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


A very short while later, maybe ten minutes, we heard a neighbor a few houses down from us pull into their driveway.   We looked out the window and saw the woman who works at the school coming home at a very unusual time.  The girls and I yelled to her until she heard us and turned around.  Then I said, “I have lost my phone and we are here alone.  Can you help us find it?”


She replied, “What is your number?  I need to go inside.”


Then we heard my phone ringing, and I thanked God as I found it buried behind and under the sofa.
I called back from the found phone and she said, “I had this feeling to come home  but I left in a hurry, leaving my phone at school .  That is why I had to run in the house to use the landline.”

Yesterday morning I saw this lady at the post office. we spoke for few moments…I told her the story of the girls and I praying before she came home, that I believed she was the answer to our prayer.

 Praise be to Jesus Christ.