Each of the Visitation Monasteries welcome women for private retreats within the Monastery.

You may come for a day of recollection, weekend or weekday retreat with the opportunity to pray the Liturgy of the Hours with the Sisters. Many of the Monasteries will invite you to the Refectory for meals.

Married or single lay women, and women religious have found the silence and prayerful atmosphere of the Monastery very conducive to their inner growth and worship of the Lord.

View our retreat video here:

To reserve a retreat , please call:

Brooklyn:                             718 745 5151

Georgetown, D.C.:           202 337 0305

Mendota Heights,MN.   651 683 1700

Minneapolis:                        612 521 6113

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  1. Karen says:


    What is the cost of a day of recollection, weekend or weekday retreat?

    God Bless You!

  2. Jennifer Thomas says:


    I had the good fortune of seeing the recent episode on EWTN about the Visitation Monastery in Brooklyn and I am interesting in finding out more about a private, self-led retreat, just to spend some time with the Lord, without outside distractions. Somewhere to simply, pray, eat, sleep and rest in the Lord before the Blessed Sacrament.

    I belong to a lay contemplative community called MECUM, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, but I am now living in New York and have been seeking a place for silence and solace. Our community is based in St. Ignatian spirituality and I have had a spiritual director for some 20+ years and we try to do a silent retreat at least once per year.

    I looked on your website but don’t see any contact information for the monastery in Brooklyn. Who should I contact to get more information and how should I contact them? And also, how does one get there?

    Thank you.

    Yours in Christ, Jennifer Thomas

    • Dear Jennifer,
      You can call Sr Susan Marie for a retreat at Visitation Monastery,in Brooklyn, at 718 745 5151.
      Take the R train to the 86th St Stop in Brooklyn.Walk 2 blocks to Ridge Blvd and over to 89th St. The Monastery is at 8902 Ridge Blvd.
      For first time retreatants we need a letter of reference from a pastor , priest or spiritual director.
      Please send that to Sr Susan Marie at the above address or e mail.
      We look forward to providing for your spiritual retreat!
      God bless!

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