Free Growth in Holiness Class Offered: Salesian Spirituality Taught in Chatroom

Rules of the Visitation Order

St. Francis de Sales giving the Rules of the Visitation to St. Jane de Chantal.


A women’s order that was the first of its kind when it was founded centuries ago has launched a website that promotes a spirituality that is strikingly appropriate for people today.

The Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary, founded in 1610 in France, launched the website Visitation Spirit, and boasts both a blog that will explain Visitation spirituality and a chat room in which the order can educate its followers.

“Our 400th anniversary last year has been a source of renewed fervor for all Visitandines,” said Sr. Susan Marie, the order’s Second Federation president in the United States. “We want to share our deep and practical spirituality with all whom Our Lord draws to it.” Sr. Susan Marie added, “The Visitation Order holds hidden treasures and resources for serious seekers of a deeply interior spiritual life.” See the chapters of the Prayerful Moments booklet on this website.

“Whether you are a lay person interested in plunging more fully into a way of daily devotion, or even considering a possible vocation to the monastic Visitandine tradition, we invite you to walk a spiritual avenue with our Founders, Saints and Sisters into the Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,” Sr. Susan Marie said.

Spirituality for the Laity Presented Centuries Ago

Saint Francis de Sales, founder of the order, was a bishop and was named a Doctor of the Church, the “Doctor of Love,” in 1877. He emphasized a spirituality for the laity centuries ago and some of his writings will be presented on the website for guidance.

The order’s Foundress, Saint Jane de Chantal, was a wife, mother and widow before collaborating with her spiritual director, St. Francis de Sales, in establishing the Visitation. Her life and interior growth continues to provide an example to multitudes today. The Visitandine order was the first women’s order of its day that was not an adjunct to a men’s order.

The website’s blog will provide aspects of Salesian spirituality for one’s own spiritual path as well as news, events and articles pertinent to the journey. Visitors are also invited to consider becoming a member of the “Living Jesus Chat Room,” where from time to time short online courses or discussions will be held and moderated. Sr. Susan Marie can be contacted with our Contact page.

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