Tell Your Friends about Discernment Sundays

Click for Discernment Sundays flyer

Print flyer and let others know about our Discernment Sundays.

Our Discernment Sundays program has begun, and we’ve developed a printable PDF flyer that can be taken to your parish for insertion into the bulletin, posting on the bulletin board, or just giving to friends.

A unique opportunity to discern your vocation with the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary will be offered on Sundays. During these chats, all your vocation questions and other queries about monastic and contemplative life will be addressed through the Living Jesus Chat Room, from 2-4 PM and 7:30-8:30 PM. All times are EST, United States. For times, please click here for current chat room flyer.

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  1. Oh!This is wonderful news. I’ll tell the others of us too. Imagine- a chance at having four saints in our Oder. SKatherine

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