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October 2012

Chatting about: St. Margaret Mary

In order to prepare for the Feast of St. Margaret Mary on October 16th, Sunday night’s chat focused on this Visitandine Saint of the Sacred Heart. Here are some topics and highlights: Do we think about Jesus Christ being “so passionately fond of the human race”? How can this be true? Why was Our Lord […]

Prepare for Tuesday’s Feast of St. Margaret Mary by Joining Our Chat

Has the world forgotten about God? What is important in life? The next government scandal? Our favorite movie idol? Or is it heaven, our Creator, and Jesus Christ, who is the source of all love? How can anyone be so unconcerned? In fact, Jesus mourns the world’s indifference, coldness and thanklessness. Appearing to St. Margaret […]

Year of Faith & St Francis: JOY IN FAITH

Joy of Faith As we continue to explore St.  Francis de Sales’ understanding of faith as he expressed it in his Treatise on the Love of God, keep in mind that this saint possessed a  general spiritual disposition of optimism, which will be reflected in the following excerpts from Book 3, Chapter 9. Joy , […]