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July 2017

Important August Dates for Visitandines

August 3, 1903: death of Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart at the Monastery of Bourg-en-Bresse where she promises to the Guards of Honor that from above she will not forget them.     12 August: Solemnity of Saint Jeanne-Françoise de Chantal.   21st August 1567: 450th anniversary of the birth of Saint Francis de […]

Welcoming our Assistant General

On Monday July 24th Second Federation Visitation Superiors met with the Assistant General of our Order, who is from France, in the Georgetown Visitation Monastery for a meeting.

Chatting about: Encouragement despite Temptations

Jul 20, 9:22 AM Sister Susan Marie (Moderator): What do you make of the distinction between temptation and its delectation? Why does Saint Francis distinguish between temptation itself and the enjoyment of temptation? Most often we hear that avoiding the smaller temptations we face prepares us and strengthens us to avoid the big temptations when […]