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Discernment Sundays – Chat Room

Chatting about: Virtue

What do you make of Saint Francis’ emphasis on discovering the virtue unique to you that you are to practice in a more concentrated way beyond the more standard and basic virtues? How do you think virtues play (or do not play) into God’s plan for salvation? What do you think of Saint Francis calling […]

Chatting about : Preparing for the Eucharist

AM VisitationSiste: Saint Francis tell us that we should “give Him the best reception you can.” How can we liken this to when one receives a distinguished guest? (If a president or king were coming to our house, would we not do everything to make sure our house well enough to receive them?) How might […]

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Rise With Joyful Expectation of the Blessing You Hope For   Sign up: Living Jesus Chat — Membership   On Sunday we will chat about receiving the Eucharist. We continue our series with Part II, Chapter 21: “How to Communicate” from An Introduction to the Devout Life. Here Saint Francis teaches us how to be properly […]