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PREVIEW: Cor Jesus Mecum Est: Movie on Madre Carmela Aprile of Rosolini

The Sisters of the Visitation of Rosolini, Sicily, Italy were founded expressly to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus based on  the prior efforts of Mother Carmela Aprile of that city. We have told this story before and are awaiting a modern film on Mother Carmela by Mr. Roberto Garay. http://visitationspirit.org/2013/08/mother-rosolini-sept-mystic-of-the-month/ A very short PREVIEW […]

New Video from Visitation Monastery, Philadelphia

From Georgetown: Summertime Video

Enjoy this delightful clip on the experience of summertime in School and Monastery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ggbjagb4VI&feature=share