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St. Francis de Sales

The Incarnation

He willed that he should make himself the companion of our miseries to make us afterwards companions of his glory    We present to you a deep reflection from Saint Francis de Sales on the Incarnation. We hope and pray this Christmas will lead you to a deeper union with the Incarnate Lord All God’s […]

Chatting about: Modesty

In this age of the New Evangelization, how do we encounter people where they are at and follow this advice from St. Francis: “Avoid the society of persons who are wanting in purity, especially if they are bold, as indeed impure people always are”? What is one of the small ways that impurity leaks into […]

Advent Week 4: Miracle of the Incarnation

We conclude our Advent series with the meditative thoughts of St. Francis de Sales on the Incarnation, from his sermons. Sunday When the world had reached the high point of its wickedness,  God came to redeem us  and deliver us from the tyranny of sin and the servitude of our enemies. Urged to it solely […]