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St. Jane de Chantal

St. Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

This year the Feast of Visitandine St Margaret Mary falls on a Sunday, so it will not be celebrated universally as is usual. However we can always keep our hearts close to the Heart of Jesus! Exploring the relationship of the Heart of Jesus to the Visitation Order over the centuries is an inspiring way […]

St. Vincent de Paul and St. Jane de Chantal

Although few letters are extant from St. Vincent de Paul to St. Jane de Chantal, he was her spiritual director after St. Francis de Sales entered eternity. The following letter shows the confidence St. Vincent placed in St. Jane as he shared much about his new congregation. St. Vincent de Paul remains very honored in […]

St. Jane de Chantal’s Spiritual Director…

AFTER ST FRANCIS DE SALES… was St. Vincent de Paul. And St Francis and St. Vincent were good friends, as we have shown in  an earlier post.*** As the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul approaches on September 27th, we would like to share some excerpts of the correspondence between St. Jane and St. Vincent, […]