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First Profession

Please pray for newly Professed Sister Katherine Chantal of Toledo Visitation Monastery as she lives out her new commitment to the Lord!

Visitandines who were Princesses

This recently published book tells the true story of the Visitation Order in Monaco and shares the life histories of some of the princesses who actually became Visitandine Nuns, and those who simply spent time in the Monastery. Prince Louis I, who succeeded his grandfather Prince Honoré II  was appointed in 1662. In 1663, he […]

Reawaken the Call! and the Cure of Ars

Today in the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, a special Year of Vocations begins under the patronage of St. John Vianney, the Cure of Ars,  whose Feast it is on August 4th. The Visitation Order of Holy Mary and the Cure of Ars are related in that several young women who pondered their vocation to […]