Discerning With Saint Jane

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Announcing a new Visitation eBook on Discernment!

We are excited to tell you about a new eBook we just published. Get it by clicking on Discerning With Saint Jane: Finding Your Place in God’s Will with the Foundress of the Visitandine Order – A Novena of Reflections. The book is a nine-day novena of reflections from the words of our Foundress, Saint Jane de Chantal. The wisdom she gained from forming a religious order is made available to you to help you in your discernment process. The book is simple and short enough to become incorporated into your spiritual life. We are confident it will help you look at the discernment process in a new way and find peace in discovering God’s purpose for your life. May God guide you on your journey.

The Visitation Order holds hidden treasures and resources for serious seekers of a deeply interior spiritual life.

St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal

A deep and practical spirituality

Whether you are a lay person interested in plunging more fully into a way of daily devotion, or even considering a possible vocation to the monastic Visitandine tradition, we invite you to walk a spiritual avenue with our Founders, Saints and Sisters into the Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Saint Francis de Sales, our Founder, was a Bishop and was named a Doctor of the Church, the “Doctor of Love,” in 1877. He emphasized a spirituality for the laity centuries ago and some of his writings will be presented for your guidance.

Our Foundress, Saint Jane de Chantal, was a wife, mother and widow before collaborating with her spiritual director, St. Francis de Sales, in establishing the Visitation. Her life and interior growth continues to provide an example to people today.


With our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and all religious, we remain committed as Visitandines to “Wake Up the World!”



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